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December 20, 2012


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UPDATE: Feel free to use this journal as a comment thread for your thoughts and opinions on the new one-shot, okay? I'm always curious to hear what readers have to say about the work, and this is pretty much my only public forum other than Twitter

HUZZAH! The latest installment of my ongoing "sexy superhero comedy" series, the 32pp one-shot comic Empowered: Hellbent or Heaven Sent, is now on sale at your friendly Local Comics Retailer; why, even my normally Emp-abstaining Local Store deigned to stock a pair of copies!

EMPOWERED: HELLBENT OR HEAVENSENT page, done(-ish) by AdamWarren

Alternatively, you can order the one-shot online from Dark Horse's retail website here:… Or, you can snag the issue in digital form* from Dark Horse's digital store:…

Anyhoo, I wrote the entire book, and drew 7 B&W pages myself. Howeva, the majority of the one-shot's artworkófor a bold, brassy total of 30 story pagesówere drawn and rendered in luxurious full color by Talented Guest Artist RyanKinnaird, as seen on the cover art here:

EMPOWERED: HELL BENT OR HEAVEN SENT one-shot cover by AdamWarren

COMPLICATION: Due to a tragic proofing mishap, the Hellbent or Heaven Sent subtitle wound up missing from the cover. However, the Empowered logo is still quite visible on said cover, so you should be able to spot it on the shelves.

Here's Empowered: Hellbent or Heaven Sent's scintillating solicitation copy:

This time around, the "sexy superhero comedy" ensues when costumed crimefighter Empowered makes an ill-fated visit to a top-secret dumping ground for ultra-tech "superdebris" and wrecked "villainware" left over from cape-on-cape battle. Can our heroine and her hapless teammate, cyborg-with-a-secret Mechanismo, possibly hope to survive when the junkyard begins nano-spawning an apocalyptic cheesecake plague of flirty but lethal "cyber-angels" and sensual but savage "devil mecha"?


But wait, here's even more text that I wasn't able to fit in the solicitation copy:

Hellbent or Heaven Sent also includes: Literally superhot genderswapping! Fire-breathing jealousy and piercing blue eyes as more than just figures of speech! Jet-propelled mecha body-boarding! Hot angel-on-ladycape action! Desperate navigation of a hellishly unhelpful help menu! Emp suffers the agony of high heels! The imminent threat of searing, fiery extinction looms nigh! All this, plus something very, very gross is none-too-subtly hinted at!

And here's an oddly cool-looking, flat-color, preliminary version of the above page:


And here's one of the issue's B&W pages, as drawn by me:


So, yeah, hope you like the new one-shot! The next one's well underway, as is work on vol.8 of the regular Empowered graphic-novel series; speaking of which, back to the drawing board!

† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †-AW

P.S.: In the interests of further floggery, I might as well mention other current Emp product on the shelves:

Here's the latest and arguably greatest installment in the series, the ninjatastic Empowered vol.7:

EMPOWERED 7's front + back covers by AdamWarren

Below is Empowered Deluxe Edition Vol. 2, which collects volumes 4 through 6 of the series in a big, bold, brawny, 656-page $59.99 hardcover printed on pretty, pretty paper (and including a fair chunk of bonus material):…

EMPOWERED DELUXE EDITION vol.2 cover, front + back by AdamWarren

This weighty new tome's already on the shelves of your Local Comics Retailer, and should be be available in conventional bookstores shortly. Alternatively, you can order it from Dark Horse's online retail site here (for 20% off):…

Note that Empowered Deluxe Edition Vol. 1, which collects volumes 1-3, as seen below:

EMPOWERED DELUXE's front + back covers by AdamWarren also on sale at your Local Comics Retailer or bookstore, in theory at least, or can be ordered online from Dark Horse:… or Amazon:…

In closing, I must of course paste in the requisite general-purpose Emp-related floggery: Print copies of Empowered's first seven volumes (and a pair of one-shots in comics format) can be found on the shelves of your Local Comics Retailer or bookstore, or online at Dark Horse's retail website… or on… .

All the existing Empowered books can be purchased rather more cheaply in digital form as well, via the Dark Horse Digital store:… Note, however, that these Empowered Deluxe Editions will remain a "print-only" proposition, alas.

* Just between you and me, Ryan Kinnaird's luscious color art looks really, really nice on a monitor's screen...
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cgartiste Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Went to MegaCon this past weekend bought the Empowered collected first 3 volumes and I am HOOKED! Brother I have been a fan since Dirty Pair early days and I've fallen in love with your work all over again!

Cheers mate!
BurningwoodM Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013

Just finished EMP 7 on the train back to Seoul. Great read, I love the character development and the Demi-god voice change. It was hard to get into at first with the flashback angle, but good experiment, I'm glad you took the risk. I will faithfully follow this series to the end, I think you get love, sex, friendship, and chasing a dream so well. I read everything on IPad so if Hell Bent" is on the Dark Horse Store Ill pick it up. Also started the Maid Man one shot, great colors inside. And who formats it for my IPad bc it's amazing?

Stay healthy and creative!!!
Hellstroem Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
Bloody hell - Emp's universe has grown leaps and bounds, six books and two oneshots in my collection so far.
It's amazing how a character, initially made for the kinks, suddenly grows a full personality - pesky blighters, thinking independently.
You draw 'em, I buy 'em - deal?
michel-lacombe Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Professional Artist
My wife stole it from me and read it first, laughing throughout. Than she laughed at it again over my shoulder as I read it. That would be four thumbs up.
Can't wait for next volume!
brollyMMXDC Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
I finally got my copy through my subscription. I really enjoyed it. I was chuckling like a school boy at rule 63 captain rivet. I like that we have the knowledge that he's not a turned human. But the rivet nipples was an interesting touch. Editorial Standards and Practices didn't say anything?
andyreeder Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
Sorry to be late to the party, commenting a month down the line and all...
In fact, it's far worse than that...
I stopped reading comics some time ago, when Dark Horse Presents finished up in fact. (Before MySpace and the current version.)
However I was showing my young nephew around our local comic shop recently and spotted Hellbent/Heaven Sent. Now I've had a weakness fo illustrated hotness ever since I had my first ever crush on Jun from Gatchaman (or Princess from BotP as I would have known her back then) as a young boy and so I couldn't resist picking it up.
I now own everything you have so far made generally available featuring Empowered.
So as far as late to the party is concerned its actually 4 years rather than 4 weeks!

They are fantastic stories, far funnier and more touching than I would ever have expected.
I am constantly surprised by the depth of character you convey in what must have started as a particularly shallow undertaking.
I must admit this one shot is probably not my favourite outing (perhaps a little 'one note'? Sorry!) it is still a fun story an its nice to see Emps suit in its full undamaged state for once!

You've created a wonderful set of characters Mr Warren, I hate you for making me wait so long before I can visit them again.

One last thing - Emp cos playing as the aforementioned Jun/Princess? Pretty please?

Thanks for the books.
2ndtexas Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Great artistic collaboration! I really enjoy the ability to purchase EMP digitally.
Bensaret Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Very weird to get a one-shot comic that was so physically small. It'll fit nicely next to the trades I have, but still...
UmLikeAGoodName Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
I thought this one was okay -- I'll definitely keep buying them -- but something bugged me. Did you write the whole thing? Emp's personality just felt so different in the color segments.

PS. And on the topic of one-shots, any more Galacta ones coming up?
AckSed Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
Same here. There was something off about her. It annoys me that I can't be any more specific than "off". I liked it, regardless.
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