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August 20, 2007
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EMPOWERED 2 face-kickin' page by AdamWarren EMPOWERED 2 face-kickin' page by AdamWarren
As we draw ever closer to the Oct. 3rd 9th release of the second volume of EMPOWERED, my "sexy superhero comedy" published by Dark Horse Comics, I thought I'd post another page tonight.

Specifically, here's a page delivering 100% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of witless minions getting face-kicked by scantily clad heroines! (Hope you'll pardon the slightly crappy repro on this sucker, as I had to level-tweak a low-res, 120dpi version of the page.)

Unlike EMPOWERED vol. 1, the new volume features a fair bit more in the way of action sequences; the story from which this is excerpted features a rather long scene of ill-fated goons getting their hapless behinds duly kicked.

For the time being, you can see a 10-page preview from EMPOWERED vol. 2 at Publishers' Weekly: [link]

As for EMPOWERED 2, you can preorder the book from your local comics retailer or bookstore (heck, even my local Barnes & Noble briefly stocked EMPOWERED vol. 1, albeit in the jumbled hellscape of the regular comics section, as opposed to the orderly paradise of the manga section)... or you can order it from DH online at:


...or from Amazon. com at:


And if you'd care to see Emp "undercover" as the least subtle Sexy Librarian ever drawn (as seen in EMP vol. 2!), you can always check:

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NamelessManic Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009
NOOOO! Don't hurt the pizza, IT"S STILL GOOD!
Saranagor Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2009
Go Emp! Kick some faces!
Xhydralisk Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw hellnaw! NOBODY comes in and ruins a pizza party!
Stuurminator Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2007
Superpowered kicks in the face?


Great success!
shinlyver Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007
Great Action!The final kick is just awesome the last part she has got a fork? Well, nasty things are coming...:)
Undeadgoth Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2007
DA WHAM! cool!
kreeders Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2007
its very nice Adam.
WarriorKalia Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2007
Oh dear. Emp actually owning? With that little suit left? Someone got a hell of a lot better...
true-pain Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2007
adam you are a true craftsman as always your fight are full of fury and power.
silent-jay Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2007
Hiya Warren! I really enjoyed the first series of EMPOWERED, and I'm camping outside my comic store for the to pick up the second.
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