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This weekend, I'll be attending the BigWow Comics Fest on May 17-18, represents my first (non-San Diego) con appearance in California in a very, very long time! If you'll be at the show, feel free to drop by and say hi! General Big WOW info here:

I'll be set up at Table 421H for all your signing, sketching and saying-hi needs. No panels, no shenanigans, just two days of straight behind-the-table time, guaranteed! Here's the Big WOW floor map:… As you can see, my table's position in the hall is "back, and to the left... back, and to the left," a la Oliver Stone's JFK.

While I'll bring at least one full of Empowered volumes and one-shots, I'll mainly have a healthy supply of my 2011 sketchbook Empowered: Extra Sketchiness on hand, in case you never snagged a copy. Some images from the 28-page book:
 EMPOWERED+NINJETTE hi-contrast by AdamWarren EMPOWERED's vorppy Emp by AdamWarren Ridd1e's EMPOWERED cosplay by AdamWarren

Note that rikki , the ace cosplayer upon whom the third pic above is based, will be attending the show as well! Alas, she won't be wearing her Emp costume this time around...
Empowered by Riddle1

I'll also be hauling along original art of various sorts, from cheap roughs to cover art to that one giant clump of Dirty Pair vellum-based inks that no one ever wants to buy, alas. Plus, who knows, I might be taking on some sweet commissions while I'm there! (Or, if no interest is afoot, slaving away at the script for the Airwolf/ Knight Rider crossover I'm currently writing for Lion Forge Comics.) Wheeeee!

  • Listening to: COMEDY BANG BANG (podcast)
  • Watching: THE RETURNED
  • Playing: ODIN SPHERE yet again
  • Eating: King's Spicy Kimchi
  • Drinking: Aitch Two Oh, yo

What's your opinion on the ornately verbose speech patterns of EMPOWERED's Caged Demonwolf? 

1,138 deviants said Pour it on, baby! To paraphrase Billy Idol: "Too much Demonwolf is not enough."
658 deviants said As long as the Sin-Sensing Celestial's vocabularily rococo rants are deployed in moderation, I can deal
159 deviants said A little (VERY little) of him goes a long way, as the Blazing-Eyed Devilgoat's ultra-alliterative, thesaurus-abusing dialogue often hurts my brain
65 deviants said Other (clarify in Comments below)


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Adam Warren
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United States
Current Residence: Out in the boondocks (cue the howling coyotes in the distance)
Favourite genre of music: Whatever just popped up on "shuffle"
Favourite photographer: The Hubble Space Telescope, Jeanloup Sieff
Favourite style of art: Whatever works, baby
Operating System: Windows 7 (with its surprisingly solid speech-recognition software, BTW)
MP3 player of choice: 5th gen Nano (despite the remarkably annoying "Shake" feature, which I finally disabled)
Shell of choice: Adamantium, just like my (robo)dawg Ultron's
Favourite cartoon character: Kei and Yuri, natch
Personal Quote: "Whuuuut?" -Cloud Strife, ever-so-sensitively replying to Tifa



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D-I-G-I-N Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
Nice gal pal. Been following you for awhile and I have to say your pencil work is the best I've ever seen.
ASYoung87 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
Heya Adam. Just discovered Empowered. Absolutely fell in love with it. I'll be looking forward to reading more. :-)
Demonflayer Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
Hey. question. Does the fact that we haven't been told Thug Boy's real name symbolize the fact that, unlike Ninjette he's still hiding parts of his past from Emp? Or is it just a coincidence and you haven't gotten to a point where you feel like revealing it?
Elf474 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Just read Empowered 8. Another nice one, though it begs the question of why the superdead and even Sistah Spooky can't merely change costumes. Worked for dWarf and he didn't even have magic. 

In the end though you asked why we keep asking for you to give us an ending to the series but don't ask Stan Lee to do that with Spiderman. There are three very good reasons. 

1. There are a lot of people who will take over if Stan Lee dies, is sick, or decides he wants to do something else. If YOU die, we're screwed. (In fact I'm still surprised your Livewires characters aren't being used in other comics by other artists.) Even popular novelists have been getting people to take over their series just in case (Asprin. McCaffery and the like). Any chance you can let other comic artists run with your characters in side stories? 

2. While comics like Spider-man and batman have cliff hangers, these usually take place in the magazine edition of the book that comes out monthly and is then gathered into a graphic novel and we at least get the complte origin stories pretty early. Usually by the end of the graphic novel the bad guys are defeated, all the secrets are explained, etc. and they come up with news ones for next time.  While some do leave it off (and your death of MindF--ck is reminiscent of the death of Gwen Stacy and Superman, especially with the clone you showed in the fire pit which was probably meant to have Spooky's memories without realizing there was a clone of Mindfu__ in her head) your constantly keeping us from knowing the origin of her costume, Willy pete and the rest is incredibly annoying especially in light of point 1. 

3. While we all realize you are working hard on these comics it does take a year or more to get them out. And a few hours to read them. 

  There are ways to fix this though. 

A: Do what Megatokyo and Girl Genius do, put the pages you finish up as a webcomic and then just combine them into a graphic novel when you're done. 

B; Do what Marvel and DC do and give us a glimpse of the future. Wolf, Spooky, or random time travelers can do this. You don't have to have any spoilers, but for example when She-hulk was in trial in Time Court she got a glimpse of her future fight and a pep talk from Southpaw. In a Superman comic they showed Superman and Wonderwoman 10,000,000 years down the line and he was saying he still loved lois. Then there's batman beyond. 

3. Stop keeping stuff secret. Or at least stop telling us it's a secret. It's like with Spiderman, you don't have to explain the origin every time. In Spider-girl for the first few volumes nobody knew who the head Darkdevil was and we really didn't care. 
  The way you do it we now have to wonder if Empowered's costume is a parasite, an angel, if she's an gel, who her mother is and so on> We don't know who demonwolf is now. If the demon from "Hell" can get out of the same hole Empowered used (or why he's able to appear to Spooky to grant wishes but needs help getting out). And a lot more. It's quite vexxing. 

  Anyway you asked so I answered. Can't wait for the next (hopefully highly explainatory) volume! 
magius00 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
You know, I can understand your point of view. I am dying to know more about Emp's costume, am scared to death of dear ol'Willy's past time, and everything else.

But shouldn't we trust Adam to go through his narrative how he wishes? After all, there is no better sign that he is doing a great work at keeping everyone interested than us begging, nay, ordering him to give us the damn answers already because we FEAR he might die before he completes the story arc. :)

But I do agree some things need closure on the older plot lines sooner rather than later, if anything, to not have them lose impact.

I disagree with Demonflayer below (or above, depending on where DA places this) that this series doesn't feel like it could go on. If anything I think Adam has created some very compelling characters here, some more developed than others, that could potentially keeps us all entertained for a long time to come.
Demonflayer Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
Well said. Plus, other comic book characters are part of an expansive universe, and their adventures aren't part of an overarching narrative. Empowered has a lot of side plots, but it doesn't feel like a series that could be extended indefinitely.

Plus, after things like The X-Files and LOST, I think people just get nervous when a story has so many different plot points, because so many series fail to properly wrap them all up. It's not necessarily the ending people are worried about, but whether all the plot lines will be properly resolved.
Souhiro Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Man... I saw MindF[--]ck in hell, and almost started crying. She's one of the sweetest characters I have ever seen!
magius00 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
Yeah... Adam, you are one cruel bastard. I mean that as a compliment. It has been a while since I cared for comic book characters yet you make me jump with glee or DREAD on every Empowered volume.
Souhiro Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Seriously, when I saw Mindf[]ck being tormented by that devil contractor, I only wanted to put my hands in Necronomicon, Say "Klaatu, Varada Nnnn--Atchooooo!!" and slam the devil contractor with a Proton Pack until he released the poor Mindf[]ck

Jitza02 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Lord Almighty!!! Finally got my copy of the book today 3 weeks later.  I blame either the weather in New York the past few weeks or the fact that Diamond Comics really f@#*'d up sending it out to my home store of Alterniverse in Salt Point, NY.  Irregardless, finally have it and resuming reading the continuing chronicles of Emp & Gang.

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